Netflix original series Marvel’s The Punisher

If you are a Marvel obsessive fan as we are, by this point your heart is beating fast and uncontrollable. A few days ago Marvel announced three new cast members who will be joining jon Bernthal (Frank Castle The Punisher) in the series “Marvel’s The Punisher” that will be streaming globally on Netflix in 2017.

Because there is much more behind, we take a look at the story of the punisher throughout the years and link here the past movie trailers, and for sure all you need to know if you are a fan or just start to get into The Punisher’s World.

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The movies

The first movie was released in theaters in 1989 starring Dolph Lundgren.

The second movie starred Thomas Jane and john Travolta released in 2004, the last in charge of the villain character. Unfortunately this second part was not a good one and the reviews and IMDb score was as low as 6.5.

The most recent reboot of the movie was in 2008 starring Ray Stevenson as The Punisher, the movie received hard critics for the level of violence with even more low score in IMDb 6.0.

Now with the Original Netflix series fans wait for an exciting resurface, and with the latest cast members announced it looks pretty interesting.

Ben Barnes from the chronicles of Narnia joins as Billy Russo, Frank’s Castle best friend from his days in the special forces who runs a successful private military corporation known as ” Anvil”.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach from “girls” Will play Micro, a former NSA analyst whose skills and secrets are great value to the punisher’s plans.

Amber Rose Revah from “Son of God ” joins the cast as Dinah Madani a highly-trained sophisticated Homeland Security agent who is vexed by the Punisher.

The writing of the first 2 episodes is in hands of Steve Lightfoot “Hannibal” who is also running the show and acting as Executive producer.

The synopsis summary

After a undercover operation where Bobby Saint, son of corrupt businessman Howard Saint, is killed. FBI agent Frank Castle retires. Howard Saint holding Castle responsible for the death of his son butchers Franks family during a family reunion and leaves Frank for dead. Burnt out and taunted by memories of his murdered family, Frank sets out to avenge his family, and he becomes a judge, jury and executioner known as “The Punisher”, as Castle sets out to punish Howard Saint and his associates in a one man war, as Castle is not willing to give up until those responsible are dead and until he has his revenge.

Check out the next gallery of videos collected from all sources all around with the best scenes of the movie.

1. The Punisher 1989

Here is the cinematic trailer of the first version released in 1989 Directed by Mark Goldblatt and starring Dolph Lundgren, Louis Gossett Jr., Jeroen Krabbe, Kim Miyori, Bryan Marshall, Nancy Everhard and Barry Otto.

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