So-called “Elephant Men”: 21kg of facial tumor removed!

Maybe you already know about a condition called Neurofibromatosis, a number of inherited conditions that carry a high risk of tumor formation, especially in the brain. But this also can happen in legs, arms or torso. There are various types scaled from 1 to 4. But in any of them tumors, compressing nerves and vital organs, become a life threatening condition. This is the case of Huang Chuncai from China, who in his last 4th surgery in hands of a special team of doctors was freed of a 21 kilo facial tumor, it was so big that it went down to his waist – it is the worst case of Neurofibromatosis ever registered. He could barely eat, sleep or move. Here is an overview of his story and how this amazing medicine miracle changed his life image by image.

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1. The initial Tumor was 25 kilograms big!

Huang Chuncai’s initially had a 25 kilogram tumor, the size and heaviness of the tumor made it almost impossible for him to move, eat or sleep. After this surgery it is expected that he can start to live a more normal life, more of the story behind the treatment next.

This post is also available in: German

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