10 shocking Facts about Pablo Escobar

Shocking. Colombia- December,1993. The body of what seems to be a plus-size man lies on the rooftop of a house in a middle-class neighbourhood in Medellin. This shocking image made headlines around the world,  ending  a-10 years persecution of one of “the most sanguinary criminal  and drug smuggler in Colombian’s history. Movies, documentaries, tv shows and millions of articles have been written and produced. Each of them from the perspective of telling the story in full of his heinous crimes. But another side of him, the son, the father, the family men, the one who millions of people grieved that second of December in 1993, including his mother, his wife and children is not that well known. So today from another perspective, we want to tell you the shocking facts you don’t know.   

10. He was from a Humble and Honest Background and Died one day after his 44 Birthday

Born Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria the first of December 1949 in Rionegro Antioquia, he was the third of 7 children. His father Abel de Jesus Escobar was a farmer, his mother Hermilda Gaviria was a school teacher. Both of his parent, humble town people with no wealth but enough to feed their children and no in total poverty. Ironically he died one day after his 44 birthday.

Pablo Escobar drug lord
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