This People Was Found Dead After Many Years!

The remains of a Croatian woman were found sitting in front of her TV-after 42 years she was reported missing.Hedviga Golik, was born in 1924, had apparently made herlsef a cup of tea before sitting in her chair and die.She was last seen by neighbors in 1966 when she was around 42 years old,everybody was thinking she moved to a new house.the remain story and others next in our collection.

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1. The Croatian woman found after 42 years

42 years later, police needed to identify the owner of the flat so they broke into the flat, when officers entered the flat all was just like 42 years ago: frozen in tim–The cup of tea on the table next to the chair where the woman was found dead mummified, how her body could stand in that position for the first time after the dead still a mistery, the rest of the time it is believe was due to the cold winters.

This post is also available in: German

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