Extreme: The Man Who Was Found Eating A Woman´s Face

The World is a crazy place, and also a very dangerous one-a few weeks ago a chef literally cooked its transsexual girlfriend in his kitchen, and this week the now known as Welsh “Cannibal”schocked the world when he was found eating a woman´s face and eyes, the story is horrible,scaring totally out of this world but it is true and we collected all the info that circulates all over the internet about the case.if you are a sensitive reader please stop now, this is really schocking.

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1. The Case

It happend in  Argoed,Blackwood south wales in a small hotel called “the Sirhowy Arms Hotel” mostly where homeless people is accomodated it.Security staff at the hostel became suspitios when Mr Williams refused to let them enter his room, they forced the entrybefore calling the police who knocked the “cannibal” to the ground with a teaser gun.at the moment the police arrive Williams was eating the body parts of the woman he had attacked more specific his eyeballs and face.

This post is also available in: German

Published via independent.co.uk

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