Conspiracy Theories Jonbenet Ramsey Murder

As the 20th anniversary of the still-unsolved murder of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey approaches, her Brother, 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, has spoken out to Dr. Phil McGraw about his sister’s murder. After his interview many of the conspiracy theories about her murder resurfaced on the internet, some of them crazy enough to make up for a movie. Some others more believable. Either way, is a good time to list all the theories created in the past 20 years, including the one where is believe she grew up to become kathy perry.


All information on this article has been taken out of Media, Newspapers. All material is available under the fair use law. No conspiracy has been really proved and count as speculation. The case still officially unsolved.


JonBenet Ramsey was a six years old beauty pageant queen who was killed in her family home on December 26, 1996. At the moment of her murder just 3 people were in the house: her father, her mother and her 9 years old brother. It is believe as a first theory an intruder entered the home through a broken window in the home’s basement.

The morning after Christmas her mother Patsy Ramsey walked down the kitchen to make some coffee, that is when she found on the stairs a ransom note. The note said JonBenet was capture and asked for 118.000 dollars as ransom payment. Soon after all the family was awake Patsy Ramsey called 911. the next is the video with the 911 call:

When the police arrived they searched all over the house and outside the neighborhood for any kind of evidence they could find. but nothing was visible or collected, no fingerprints, no footprints just a already broken window some disturbed dirt outside. Her father John Ramsey was asked from one of the detectives to help on the search. He then walked down the basement and was there where he found JonBenet dead. Her body was in a very bad shape wrapped inside bed sheets, she also had been strangled, struck in the head and presumed raped. He took her body out of the crime scene and went to the living room where he placed her in the floor in front of the police and everybody at the scene.

Because of the bad manage of the crime scene and the fact that was her father who found the body, many conspiracy theories started to circulate. In a new whole investigation a group of retired FBI profilers,forensic specialists and behavioral analysts take a look once more at the case where new evidence is found and all the theories reviewed. This special is linked in the last page of this article.

1. Conspiracy Theory one: Her Mother Patsy Ramsey was the Killer.

Her mother Patsy Ramsey  was a beauty queen herself who was obsessed with beauty pageants, she was practically recreating her beauty queen days using Jonbenet as a joker to her obsession. She wanted Jonbenet to be just like her.

It is believed she was physically abusing Jonbenet and  that evening for an unknow reason Patsy snapped and did hit her so strong that she collapsed on the floor.  She aware of what she had done, called her husband and both tried to cover it up. That is when she wrote the ransom note, put the body in the basement, strangled her and they came up with the plan to report it as a  kidnapping to the police.

There is some evidence to back up this theory and maybe one of the most damaging was the ransom note. Scientist compared the handwriting to both Jon Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey and found very disturbing similarities with Patsy’s handwriting. The note was also written on patsy’s stationary set that was at her office.

Another evidence was the pineapple undigested found inside Jonbenet stomach, which would have been digested within an hour before she was killed. The police found a bowl of pineapple with Patsy fingerprints on it as well as Burke Ramsey’s (jonbenet brother) fingerprints, which suggested that Patsy was the last person to see Jonbenet alive. Police questioned Patsy about it and she denied to have any idea about the bowl or the pineapples. which was proved to be a lie after the fingerprint lifting.

The next is the first part of her deposition in 2001 about jonbenet murder. Patsy Ramsey passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 49 on june 24, 2006.

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