Real Gore Halloween SFX Makeup

Just 12 days to Halloween 2016 and we move on collecting the most amazing gore makeup tutorials and SFX effects to give you a bunch of bloody and creepy ideas for you to recreate.
Maybe some look pretty complicated but you will be surprise how much you can do with some fake blood, paper tissues, cottom pads and liquid latex… and for sure a little bit of twisted imagination.

Exposed bones, disgusting injuries, burns, monsters, blisters, and a lot a lot of blood. Make sure you don’t use your own, there are plenty of fake blood brands to buy in Amazon for the mayority you will need this list.

Liquid Latex Amazon
Stage blood Amazon
Cottom pads you find in any store
Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover Amazon
Makeup PaletteAmazon or any type of paint suitable for the face, you can use also eye shadows.
SFX Gelatin Amazon

We hope you enjoy it and are counting days for Halloween night as we are too. Make sure to check our related articles for halloween costumes and other tips.

Disclamer: Some of this images can be really disturbing for some people, the most of them contain fake gore with lots of blood and can be traumatizing if you are not into SFX effects or have problems with blood and gore images.

1. Eyes wide shut by ellimacs

This amazing duo always come up with really easy to do gore makeup. this one in particular can be acomplished with very little material. and can be wear in any party. You can still eat and drink without no problem!

The materials you need are simple:

Liquid Latex

Cottom pads

Red Yam

Makeup paletes  witrh red, brown, violet, black colors

Fake blood

skin adhesive, spirit gum or prosAid.