The Most Amazing Halloween Cakes

It is amazing how much efforts people put into Halloween. Like valentines’ day or Christmas, Halloween is a day to celebrate, to get crazy and why not, to bake creepy cakes.

As a DIY i am not sure if i could do it myself but to see how it’s done is mesmerizing. Here we collected for you the best and most unbelievable Halloween theme cakes. A lot of sugar, a lot of decoration, a lot of creepiness and a TONS of blood.

If Halloween is not your stuff and you are sensitive to gruesome images we recommend you to skip this one. But if you are into Halloween and fake gore then prepare yourself. Get some popcorns and sit to watch around 3 hours of cake making.. Halloween cake making.

Most of the videos are from ” how to cake it channel in youtube” the artist name is Yolanda. She is simply AMAZING. So if you are looking for cake ideas or want to really learn how to build this pieces of art, don’t forget to take a look at her channel and subscribe. Each week there is a new crazy, beautiful cake.

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1. How to Cake a Human Heart

Although Yolanda here did not bake this cake for Halloween but for Valentine’s day, this is an amazing idea also for Halloween. Mesmerizing to see how she sculpt it perfect  and for sure all part are edible.

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