Heidi Klum the Queen of Halloween

We know Heidi Klum is a supermodel, a celebrity a mom a funny lady and if you don’t know she is totally into Halloween, the Queen of Halloween, and when we say INTO is totally INTO it. Her halloween parties are famous between celebrities and almost everybody in the entire planet. She hire expert SFX makeup artists and spend up to 10 hours creating each year her Halloween look. Here we collected all costumes we found for you to see and as a bonus some Youtube video of behind the scenes.

Halloween is for everybody, age is just a number and to keep this spirit is just fantastic. I am myself in love with halloween and special effects and find very inspiring her love for it. It is maybe time for you to follow her on Instagram Her posting is just like her AMAZING!

Jessica Rabbit was her last amazing creation, according to her own statement it last around 10 hours and required a group of experts working non-stop creating the prosthetics and and then applying all the make up. We do not know her costume in 2016 but surely looking forward to it! Enjoy!

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1. Jessica Rabbit 2015

Weeks of preparation and a lot of Hint posting on Instagram. the prosthetics were amazing and huge.

heidi klum halloween costumes
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