4 Horror Games to Play this Halloween 2016

Halloween is already here. All stores, tv shows and merchant is around for this spooky time. Games are not out of the list and we collected all the best horror and survival games for you to choose this Halloween. Some already available via early releases others just about to hit the consoles but no matter,they all come loaded with terrifying scenes, amazing graphics and even virtual reality. Not to forget is the level of creepiness and since we all are naturally driven and fascinated with being scared to death well this four games makes the best activity for the halloween time.

Available some for Xbox one, PC, Mac; linux and one special Game for PlayStation VR. Sources and trailers taken from the official sites and youtube channels.

1. We Happy Few

Developed by Compulsion Games and available for Xbox one, PC, Linux and Mac this indie survival horror game that was first revealed at PAX East 2015 and is now available via Steam Early Access. The game is set in a dystopian, Nazi-occupied English city in October 1964, in an alternate timeline that deviated during WWII. The citizens of Wellington Wells take a psychedelic drug known as Joy to help them forget some unnamed atrocity they committed and keep them artificially happy. Except you, the protagonist; you play what’s known as a Downer, or someone who has eschewed Joy, and the other denizens aren’t happy about it. Your goal is to sneak around and keep suspicion at a minimum as you attempt to escape before you get kill for sure and if you get kill you have to start all over again, this  world and its inhabitants are also procedurally generated, which means that no two players’ experiences will be exactly alike which makes it a very creepy adventure good luck with that, here is a peak of what you will encounter!

Another creepy stuff to point out :  the music, which sounds like children -like, or lullaby together with the masked faces, you cannot miss it ! totally freaking scary.


Release date : available via early release

Published via Youtube